LaLaQueen: Whimsical Sustainability

  • Sally Sarieddine, Founding Designer of LaLaQueen

  • Geometric Backpack Collection

  • LaLaQueen's Flagship Store in Beirut

“We believe that every woman has a 'queendom' which she must conquer and, when she does; she becomes the queen.”

Timeless, versatile and full of surprises

LalaQueen, a contemporary fashion label that specialises in handcrafted leather handbags, LaLaQueen ultimately aims to provide a trend setting and sustainable brand that compliments the global demand on maintaining and protecting natural resources by targeting progressive women who are influential in making a difference in today’s changing market.

It is designed for the travellers, the explorers, and boundary breakers. The love child of Sally Sarieddine, a Lebanese-born, UAE-raised, British-educated fashion designer and businesswoman who is passionate about bringing fashion back to individual authenticity and self-expression.



“Let the good stuff express itself through your being. Radiate it with confidence and a smile. Be loyal to yourself on your journey, as a wise saying says, loyalty is royalty.”



Inspired by the meticulous work of master craftsmen and an exceptional regard for exquisite, ethically sourced local materials, Sarieddine’s vision gave life to the bespoke, retro-chic handbag label in 2009. Launching her online boutique via, she subsequently became one of the first designer-owned online stores in the Middle-East.

Why we love LaLaQueen?

– LaLaQueen packaging is 100% recycled and the leather we source comes from Lebanese farms where we know the meat is going back to the meat industry

– In further promoting the spirituality in design, LaLaQueen also actively collaborates with other artists to create unique moments, share design inspiration and drive the cross-pollination of artists genres

– Their handbags are assembled by highly skilled local artisans who operate under healthy working conditions and they are committed to maintaining strong relationships with the suppliers and their employees

– Their designs target progressive women who are influential in making a difference in today’s changing market

– It’s important to them as a home-grown brand to ensure giving back to the community and support the local families of Lebanon

– Sally envisions that as LaLaQueen continues to grow, so will their focus on sustainability



Moon Collection, inspired by the cycles of the moon:




Geometric Collection, newly launched this season, is inspired by irregular shapes and objects:






Dr. Collection, inspired by the vintages and designed in a variety of sizes and colour combinations to compliment a woman’s unique style:







Best known for the iconic Dr. Bag, Sarieddine’s naturally-dyed leather designs feature colour tones which are mixed together in different proportions to create a feeling of vibrancy and fun. Inspired by an authentic vintage Dr.Bag found on a treasure hunt in Florence, Sarieddine says The Dr. Bag collection was created with a vision to bring a sense of healing back into fashion, designed to complement progressive women with “rich souls and magical hearts.”



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